Sunday, March 9, 2008

My First Post on My New Blog

Well this is a whole new thing for me......Hopefully this will be useful for me and provide good ideas for my friends and visitors....I just want to start with a bit on me and my crazy but wonderful life.....

If you are a mom then you will understand the crazyness that I stated and y seeing the most important thing in my life are my 4 kids....Amber is 10 and from my previous relationship....she is becoming a teenager overnight and sometimes I question if her and I will make it to see her 11th birthday. She thinks she knows everything and of course nothing goes her way. She is the most accident prone child I have ever met......We have gone through so much with her in the past few months....on her birthday, late November, at her party she fell against the bed and split her chin open had to go to the ER.....on Christmas morning she was rollerskating in the kitchen and fell, broke her front tooth completely in half.....and today jammed her toe on the door! these are just a few things that we have gone through. Jacob is 5 and David and I's first baby......he has a speech inpetament and is hard to understand, but is the most intelligent 5 year old I know......he loves the WWE, wrestling and Transformers, I never knew that when I became a mom that I would also learn how to do a backbreaker and turn into a robot in a split second.....but for him I would do anything......Rylee is 3 and she is, in her mind, a real life PRINCESS.....this girl is so obsessed with the Disney Princesses that there is not a inch of space in our house that does not have Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel or Sleeping Beauty in it. She just broke her arm last week, what an adventure that was.....she had to have surgery so that they could pin the elbow back together......but they don't make them tougher than her.....I know that I would be screaming if I had to go through what she did.....the only thing she complained about was when she woke up after the surgery and looked at the cast and it was purple....she said to me "I wanted PINK." Who'd of known that the hospital wouldn't have a pink cast.....and then there is Sofia, she is 9 months old.....crawling, and exploring is all there is to say right now...oh yeah, she loves the computer!

David and I have lived together for 6 years here in St. Louis. I have always lived here and David is from Baltimore......we live across the street from my sister for now. We are looking to move to a bigger space! I am a Insurance agent assistant by day and a stamper by night. I joined Stampin Up almost 2 years ago and right before SOfie was born I quit to be a stay at home mom for a while. Now just last month I rejoined.

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