Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby Boy Card

I don't know why, but for some reason I have been itching to make a baby card all day today....Hope That Doesn't Mean Anything! LOL.

Well I used several stamp sets to make this card....I have also been trying to use printed paper in my cards lately...the stripes and polka dots are from the Hostess' Print Pack.

I really like the way that the black makes the blue pop....Amber says that its not a baby card since I used black, but I am really pleased with the way it turned out.

I also wanted to post an update on the kids....Rylee's arm is doing really well, we have been very busy visiting the Physical Therapist. She lost the side to side rotation, but they think with the therapy she will be able to get it back, Thank God for her youth.

Amber is preparing for a long field trip to Jefferson City, our state capitol, with her school, we are also preparing for April Showers with her Girl Scout Troop, this is where the girls hang plastic bags on doors and the next week pick them back up after they have been filled with donations of femine products and baby products for the Girl Scouts to donate to the needy.

As most of yoy are aware, my little Jacob boy has a speech impetament, and we have received some not so good news this week. The school district does not think that he has progressed enough to go into Kindegarton with the rest of the kids next fall....they want him to go to a special class room in another school district that is strictly for children with speech problems....for him it would probably be a good thing for the long haul, but I just was hoping he would be able to do everything like normal with his friends from preschool.....

I have saved the best for last.....Sofia has started walking around holding onto the furniture, wow has she grown so fast. She is such an amazing baby.

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