Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two In One

This is the card that I created for Jen del Muro's challenge and for Cammie's Alzheimers Thank You Card challenge.

Cammie is giving away over $1000 in prizes for one lucky winner! Checkout her blog .

Cammie's wonderful freinds at ScorPal and The Cat's Pajamas, along with many others have donated some wonderful gifts.

My grandfather who recently passed away in May from cancer had been battling Alzheimers as well, so this challenge is very near to me. After reading what Cammie said, I have been thinking about how our whole family took for granite our grandma during these difficult years. No one ever thanked her for spending every waking minute looking after grandpa. I didn't realize how much she gave up to care for him. We never thought about what shehad to of gone through each day, I just thought of grandpa. So grandma will be getting this wonderful card to let her know how much she means to all of us.

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Pat said...

Your grandma will be so pleased to know you are thinking of her and appreciate what she has done.